Serving Jesus Christ in East Kilbride

Christianity Explored

Two questions! ‘My life. What’s it all about?’ and ‘Jesus’ life. What’s it all about?’ Big questions with big answers. On the Christianity Explored course we try to help you to find the answers to these questions.

Christianity explored is a 7 week course based upon Mark’s Gospel which is the shortest of the four biographies of Jesus’ life. We aim to explore Marks gospel, chat through some questions, and we watch some stimulating video’s to help us think about the implications for our lives. And there’s plenty of coffee to keep us going!

We’ve been running this course for many years at Westwoodhill and have a well established team of leaders, who really enjoy spending time going through Mark’s gospel with people and helping find the answers to important life questions.

Our next course begins on Tuesday 23rd at 7pm in the church.

So please come and join us or invite someone along to a life changing experience. For more details click here.