Serving Jesus Christ in East Kilbride

A new and exciting holiday club adventure

This coming August we journey to Ancora, the City of Hope,  it is built on a hill next to the sea. At the summit stands the Spire of Light which lights up the whole city. The stories of the Saga (the Bible) are told here every evening, and the power of storytelling fuels the light of the Spire.

Come and join us to hear the Story of the Saga, journey to find the stories treasure, sing songs, make crafts and play games together in the Hall of Memory.  Come and meet the inhabitants of this exciting adventure.

Info for parents and guardians

  • When is the club ?  7th August to 11th (including a sunday morning service on the 13th)
  • What time does it run ?  Every evening from 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Who is the club for ? The club is for all children starting primary 1 to primary 7.
  • What happens at the holiday club ? Westwoodhill holiday clubs are a place where fun packed activities (games, songs, stories, crafts, quizzes, dramas) are brought together to have fun and explore the stories of the bible.
  • Does it cost ?  No its absolutely free.

Further info: Follow the website for more information over the coming weeks about the club or if you have any questions then please contact us on our facebook page or  see our contact page 



Unfortunately we can only offer a limited number of places and are often in high demand, register now to book places and avoid disappointment.